rImageShield v2.0 published!

Official release for rImageShield v2.0. Some features on this release:

  • ADDED: Image shield color border option on export
  • ADDED: Configurable PRNG seed for controlled dsitribution
  • ADDED: Offset support for PRNG distribution
  • ADDED: Proper limits calculation to fit message
  • ADDED: Support macOS builds (x86_64 + arm64)
  • ADDED: Command-line to decode messages
  • ADDED: Export window progress bar
  • ADDED: Issue report window
  • REMOVED: Image shield config parameters
  • REMOVED: Image export button from settings panel
  • REMOVED: Sponsors window (no sponsoring option)
  • REDESIGNED: Tool panels layout for simplicity
  • REDESIGNED: Message decoded panel (including password)
  • REDESIGNED: Limit PRNG generation to required positions (optimization)
  • REDESIGNED: Embedding settings window, including message settings
  • REDESIGNED: MAC always generated on encryption
  • REVIEWED: Main toolbar and help window
  • REVIEWED: Status bar to show more info
  • REVIEWED: Regenerated full tool imagery
  • UPDATED: Using raylib 5.1-dev and raygui 4.1-dev
  • UPDATED: Using monocypher 4.0.2

Enjoy rImageShield!

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