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.wav export doesn't seem to work. The .wav file generated sounds completely different compared to what's in the editor.

Thanks for reporting. Please, could you open an issue on rfxgen github project for review?

these sound like the sounds from fighties!

Is there a way to scale this app by a factor 2 or 3? Using it on a high-dpi screen makes everything unreadable for me because everything is tiny.

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on the desktop version, there is a Screen Scale x2 button


on the desktop version, there is a Screen Scale x2 button


Linux version lauch this:

./rfxgen: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by ./rfxgen)

rFXGen was compiled for a newer libc version...

Thanks Ray

It freezes on Arch Linux after the last update lol....


I'll try to recompile it next week...


It should be ok now. :)


Can any sounds generated be exported?

yes, you should be able to export generated sounds as .wav just pressing the Export button. Did you try it?

Great tool!

Thank you! Enjoy it! :D


I'd be happy to pay few bucks for Linux version :)


Uploaded! ;)

Thank you <3 I love the dark theme :)


Can you make this available for Linux?

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Hi! Sorry, don't have a Linux system right now but you can compile it yourself from source.

Required dependencies are minimum: raylib, raygui, tinyfiledialogs.

If I can compile it myself at some point, I'll upload it.

Can you provide a Makefile or something? Because I get errors trying to compile them from source

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+1 this question.. :)