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This is a really nice tool, Good job! Would be nice if we could zoom in/out, Also if we could choose the resolution, My App screenWidth and screenHeight don't match the tool resolution.

This tool is intended for pixel-perfect raygui designs so scaling was not exposed but it could probably be added. 

About resolution, what do you mean? Independently of the scaling the resolution of the created layout is always the same...

The lack of tooltips makes this awkward to use.

Maybe it is just my browser, but when I go to the downloads page it does not show the downloads files?

The web version can be used for free but the desktop versions require a donation of $20 or more.

Ahh I see, thank you!

Not now at least


I have a 4k display and unfortunately this program renders too small to use on it.  It would be nice to see implemented an option to increase the scaling like in the sound effect generator.