rInstallFriendly v1.0 published!

Official release for rInstallFriendly v1.0. Main features:

  • No external dependencies/runtimes (single-executable)
  • Support compressed packages as input files: .zip
  • Installer project saving and loading from .rif text file
  • Installer mode simulator from package editor to verify process
  • Custom banner with support for animation, shaders and audio
  • User inputs and additional uniforms on banner shader
  • Branding inclusion: Banner, Icon, URL links
  • Custom EULA/README/LICENSE support
  • Custom and pre-defined installation path
  • Password-protected installation
  • Installation rollback on Cancel while installing
  • Installation messages customization, Unicode support
  • Command-line support for installer generation using .rif file
  • Package installation in silent mode (command-line)
  • Sponsoring URL support for FOSS tools promotion
  • Multiple UI Style, support of custom styles (rGuiStyler)
  • Completely portable (single-file, no-dependencies)

Enjoy rInstallFriendly v1.0!

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