rQuizzer v2.0 published!


A simple and easy-to-use quizzer tool.

Create quiz test to be played by identified users, editable and configurable with a simple plain text file. Generate protected .rqm module files to be distributed and loaded by rQuizzer. User results can be exported and reviewed with user identification.

rQuizzer can be used for free as a WebAssembly online tool and it can also be downloaded as a standalone tool for Windows and Linux with some extra features.

rQuizzer History

First version of rQuizzer was originally created in 2016, while working as a teacher and looking for a simple and easy-to-use quiz creator tool. It was used with +60 students and greatly improved with students feedback. In 2022 I decided to completely remake the tool with more options and improved visuals, this is rQuizzer v2.0.

This tool made my life easier as a teacher and I'm sure it will be useful for many other teachers. Enjoy it!

rQuizzer Features

  • Edit quiz as a plain text file .txt
  • Generate protected .rqm for further distribution
  • Limit quiz allowed users by id check
  • Config quiz time (total time)
  • Config question time (individual time)
  • Config quiz activation time (time span)
  • Random questions and answers order
  • Multiple gamification levels selectable by user
  • User results shown at the end of the quiz
  • Multiple visual styles available!

rQuizzer Standalone Additional Features

  • Export user results as a codified .rqres file
  • Review user results loading .rqres files
  • Command-line support for .rqm generation
  • Completely portable (single-file, no-dependencies)

rQuizzer Usage

Edit a plain text file to configure the module and add questions and answers. Check the included sample module text file (rquizzer_lateral_thinking.txt) for reference and detailed descriptions.

Open the .txt quiz file rQuizzer, standalone version supports .rqm protected module generation for further distribution. Note that module includes the users (with ID) eligible to make the quiz, that information is also codified into the .rqm file.

Note there are multiple elements configurable for the quiz, including module execution time span and questions time limit.

When the quiz is finished, a codified file with the results .rqres could be exported (standalone version only) for further review.

rQuizzer Standalone comes with command-line support for .rqm module generation from .txt file.

rquizzer.exe --help


rQuizzer v2.0 Windows (x64) 329 kB
Mar 15, 2022
rQuizzer v2.0 Linux (x64) 368 kB
Mar 15, 2022
rquizzer_lateral_thinking.txt 4.6 kB
Mar 15, 2022

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