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I was wondering if it is possible, when exporting the texture, to configure the number of channels per pixel? Specifically, if it is possible to export the texture in grayscale? This feature would be very helpful

keep up the good work

Actually, I considered that option but I decided to keep that image-editing functionality separate from the packaging functionality. You can use rTexViewer to edit the pixel-format of your exported atlas.

There seems to be a bug.

I packed a .png-image with color RGBA(0, 0, 0, 50) and the result was RGBA(0, 0, 0, 10).

Is there something wrong with the alpha values?

Yes, it’s a known issue and has already been reviewed. An updated version will be published soon.

Do you plan on making this a library?

Also is there a way to remove all viewable sprites in the atlas?  It'll be useful for fighting games that need a lot of sprites for animation.

What do you mean? There is a clean button on the sprites list to remove all sprites from the atlas.

There can be sprites that have a red border around them that are not on the atlas, is there a way to automatically delete all the viewable sprites (ones without the red border)?


Not for the moment but I take note about it, I can add it in a future but unfortunately not for next release.

Actually most of the functionality of this tool is directly available in raylib. You can use raylib.

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Do you have a src-code for this program?

I'm afraid this software is closed  source. Why do you need it?

I will answer for them. Because by reusing the code of this editor, you can create a level editor that will be more convenient than the ugly Tiled.

You can check the code of rFXGen, rGuiStyler, rGuiIcons and rIconPacker, they are open source and all my tools use the same base template so the code structure is almost the same. rTexPacker just has specific code to package sprites but that's a few lines of code because it uses stb_rect_pack library.

This is rather impolite to the creator of Tiled.

this os not for mac

Nope, unfortunately I never had a mac to learn how it works and create software for it...

ok sir

Any plans to make this available as a Linux binary?


I'm publishing a new version soon, I'll try to provide a Linux version by then.