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Hi Ray, very nice tool! Will the tool support more features for image/art creation, such as pixel art? Totaly cool if you're going to develop a separate tool for that purpose BTW.

Hi Jack-Ji! Thanks! No plans to add image creation capabilities like pixel-art for the moment, in any case additional editing capabilities, like shaders editing. Maybe a separate tool but unfortunately my resources are very limited.

Hi Ray, 

I really like this tool (and Raylib). Happy to support your excellent work and just bought thisfor the Linux version.

When running ./rtexviewer, however, I'm getting an error that 'GLIBC_2.3x' (x = 5 | 3 | 4) is not found and is required by the app. My current GLIBC version is 2.31 and I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS x86.

Is there a relatively painless way of overcoming this error without making major changes (e.g., upgrading Ubuntu to a new version)?



Just reviewed this issue. 

All the tools are build on GitHub servers using the provided Linux host runner, that use by default Ubuntu 22.04, I tried rebuilding it with Ubuntu 20.04 alternative host. 

I'm uploading a new file but please note that this new version is a development version with some improvements and new features for the tools and not much tested. 

Please, let me know if it works for you! :) 

Dear Ray,

Much thanks for your quick reply and upload.

I tested the Ubuntu 20.04 (dev) version and it works perfectly as far as I can see. I also upgraded another machine to Ubuntu 22.04 to try the release version and that works great too.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!


Nice! Glad to know it worked! :D

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Do you think you could add a macOS arm64 build?

Same request, for the other tools you make, if it's feasible.

I'm afraid this is not possible at the moment. I'm a solo developer and my resources are very limited. I can't implement a macOS build system and test everything properly, it would imply considerable amount of work. I neither have a mac and never used one so it would require some investigation...

But, afaik, raylib works on macOS without problems so if anyone is willing to help on that regards, it will be really appreciated. All my tools use a similar build system, based on GitHub Actions and some of the tools are open source. If anyone feels brave enough to implement a macOS build action, that would be great! Here there are some sample workflows, they could be used for reference to implement a macOS equivalent:

Still, it would require testing...

Any plans on open sourcing this in a late future?

No plans to open source this software. Why do you need it? I could provide the sources per client contract if required.

I was thinking, that you could just provide the src for me, because im incorporating this software into another software for PSX development.

Sorry, I'm trying to make tools for a living, not all my work is free and open source.

does it support the open sourced format: "Basis Universal Texture Compression", kind of KTX, I think:

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Not yet, but it's on my roadmap. Probably in a future version.