A simple and easy-to-use textures viewer, editor and image board.

Visualize multiple images, convert between different pixel-formats in real-time or arrange in a visual board for reference. Some interesting image editing functionality included like custom shaders support per image!

rTexViewer can be used for free as a WebAssembly online tool and it can also be downloaded as a standalone tool for Windows and Linux with some extra features.

rTexViewer Features

  • Load multiple image file formats: PNG, QOI, BMP, TGA, JPG, GIF, HDR
  • Load compressed texture file formats: DDS, PKM, KTX, PVR, ASTC (if supported by GPU)
  • Load/Save image-collections from .rTV project format (non-destructive)
  • View images as separate tabs, as an image board or directory scan
  • View image options: Zoom, Alpha, Pan, Background
  • View image information: Size, Data size, Selected Pixel info, Palette
  • Visual image crop mode: just draw a rectangle and crop
  • Edit images: Select pixel-format with real-time preview
  • Edit images: Flip, Rotate, Resize, Crop, Alpha management, Mipmaps...
  • Edit images: Set a text description for the image
  • Edit images: Assign custom GLSL fragment shaders
  • Export edited single images as PNG, QOI, DDS, RAW or CODE (.h)
  • Export image collection and board as a single image PNG, QOI or DDS
  • Multiple UI styles supported, select your best style
  • Export image palette as PNG/PAL (up to 256 colors)

rTexViewer Standalone Additional Features

  • Command-line support for batch image processing and formats conversion
  • Completely portable (single-file, no-dependencies)

rTexViewer Usage

Open the tool, drag & drop your images and view/edit them or place/organize them in the board mode.

Edited image can be exported as .png, .qoi, .dds, .raw and .h code file. Image collection can be saved as a .rtv project file.

rTexViewer Standalone comes with command-line support for batch image processing and format conversion. Up to 256 chainned transformations can be applied per image on the command-line. For usage help:

rtexviewer.exe --help

rTexViewer Technologies

This tool has been created using the following open-source technologies:

  • raylib - A simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming
  • raygui - A simple and easy-to-use immediate-mode-gui library
  • tinyfiledialogs - File dialogs for desktop platforms

rTexViewer Custom

Do you like this tool? Do you need any specific feature to be added? Maybe a custom format support? Maybe a custom gui theme? Or maybe a custom version for Linux, macOS, Android, Raspberry Pi or HTML5? Just get in touch: ray[at]raylibtech.com

rTexViewer Issues & Feedback

You can report tool issues and feedback here: https://github.com/raylibtech/rtools

rTexViewer License

rTexViewer online tool can be used completely for free.

rTexViewer Standalone desktop tool could be downloaded with a small donation.

In any case, consider a donation to help the author keep working on software for games development.

Copyright (c) 2015-2022 raylib technologies (@raylibtech)

Updated 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Release date Mar 14, 2019
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Authorraylib technologies
Made withraylib
Tagsimage, raygui, raylib, Textures, tool, viewer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter, LinkedIn


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rTexViewer v3.0-beta Trial Windows (x64) 494 kB
rTexViewer v3.0-beta Trial Linux (x64) 450 kB
rTexViewer v2.0 Windows (x64) 436 kB
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rTexViewer v2.0 Linux (x64) 410 kB
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Any plans on open sourcing this in a late future?

No plans to open source this software. Why do you need it? I could provide the sources per client contract if required.

I was thinking, that you could just provide the src for me, because im incorporating this software into another software for PSX development.

Sorry, I'm trying to make tools for a living, not all my work is free and open source.

does it support the open sourced format: "Basis Universal Texture Compression", kind of KTX, I think: https://github.com/BinomialLLC/basis_universal

(1 edit) (+1)

Not yet, but it's on my roadmap. Probably in a future version.