rTexViewer v3.0 published!

rTexViewer 3.0! The biggest update ever!

A simple and easy-to-use textures viewer, editor and image board.

Visualize multiple images, convert images between different pixel-formats in real-time or arrange images in a visual board for reference. Add custom description text to images and apply custom GLSL shaders for any kind of visual effects.

rTexViewer can be used for free as a WebAssembly online tool and it can also be downloaded as a standalone tool for Windows and Linux with some extra features.

rTexViewer Features

  • Three view image modes: IMAGE TABS, IMAGE BOARD or DIRECTORY SCAN
  • Load/Save images/full-board as .rtv project file (non-destructive, image data compressed)
  • Load image file formats: .png, .qoi, .bmp, .tga, .jpg, .gif, .hdr, .ppm, .pgm
  • Load compressed texture formats: .dds, .pkm, .ktx, .pvr, .astc (if supported by GPU)
  • Load images from URL (copy&paste), saved automatically into a downloads directory (Windows only)
  • View image options: Zoom, Pan, Alpha, Background and Scale filter
  • View image information: Name, Size, Format, Memory, Selected Pixel info, Color Palette
  • Edit images: Change image pixel-format with real-time preview
  • Edit images: Flip, Rotate, Resize, Resize Canvas, Crop, Alpha Clean and more
  • Edit images: Visual crop mode, just draw a rectangle and crop
  • Edit images: Define a text description for the image, saved on .rtv
  • Edit images: Assign GLSL fragment shaders for custom effects, saved on rtv
  • Multiple sample GLSL shaders provided for reference and new effects creation
  • Export single images as .png, .qoi, .dds, .raw or byte array .h
  • Export full image board as a single image .png, .qoi or .dds
  • Export image palette as .png or .pal (up to 256 colors)
  • Multiple UI styles supported, select your best style

Enjoy rTexViewer!


rTexViewer v3.0 TRIAL Windows (x64) 470 kB
Jan 06, 2023
rTexViewer v3.0 TRIAL Linux (x64) 420 kB
Jan 06, 2023

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