rTexViewer v1.2 released!

rTexViewer v1.2 released! BIG UPDATE!

Looking for a simple and easy-to-use high-performant portable image/textures viewer and pixel formats converter??? Don't look any more, rTexViewer v1.2 is here!

A full featured viewer condensed in a single binary file of less than 900KB!

This BIG update supposed a complete internal redesign and a performance boost! Some of the NEW features:

  • Visual crop mode support: Just draw your crop rectangle, adjust it to desired size/position and crop!

  • Load text files (.txt) as a grayscale image representation of the data, just drag & drop the text file!

  • View and edit GIF animations! Navigate frame by frame and edit them as independent images! 

  • Improved image scaling and  canvas resizing 
  • Improved directory image navigation
  • Improved compressed textures support
  • Improved command line functionality

rTexViewer v1.2 ZERO is completely free and rTexViewer v1.2 ONE is a low-cost tool, with the addition of some advance features. 
In any case, consider it as a small donation to help the author keep working on software for games development.

Hope you enjoy this new release! :)


rTexViewer_v1.2_ONE.zip 291 kB
Sep 22, 2019
rTexViewer_v1.2_ZERO.zip 281 kB
Sep 22, 2019

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