rTexViewer v3.0-beta published!

Official release for rTexViewer v3.0-beta!

This is a beta time-trial version of rTexViewer, feel free to report any issue/bug/feature found!

Some features on this release:

ADDED: Image tabs mode, to view multiple open images ADDED: Image board mode, to organize images ADDED: Image slideshow mode with directory scan ADDED: New project fileformat for image collections: .rtv ADDED: Image text description field support ADDED: Custom GLSL shaders per-image ADDED: Opacity/alpha setup with zoom-bar ADDED: Multiple new shortcuts (flip, lock, board…) ADDED: Sponsors window for tools support ADDED: User window for product registration REMOVED: PNG text chunk loading/editing REMOVED: TXT files loading as image REVIEWED: Image edition check for saving REDESIGNED: Main toolbar, more info and better organized REDESIGNED: Status bar, new organization and more info Updated to raylib 4.5-dev and raygui 3.5-dev

Enjoy rTexViewer!


rTexViewer v3.0-beta Trial Windows (x64) 494 kB
Nov 29, 2022
rTexViewer v3.0-beta Trial Linux (x64) 450 kB
Nov 29, 2022

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