rFXGen v2.0 published!

After almost one year since latest update, here it is rFXGen v2.0!

This version comes in two flavours: rFXGen ZERO (free version) and rFXGen ONE (low-cost version). Details for each version are provided on tool description page but main differences for version ONE are the addition of command-line usage mode, extra export formats and multiple GUI styles.

Beside that, the most significant change is the underlying technology. rFXGen uses internally latest raylib and raygui libraries, greatly improved in the last year! rFXGen also serves as a testbed for a new tools pipeline developed at raylib technologies, it will allow faster iteration on updates and an upcoming suite of small tools!

Hope you enjoy rFXGen v2.0! All feedback is very welcome! :)


rFXGen_v2.0_ONE.zip 315 kB
Mar 13, 2019
rFXGen_v2.0_ZERO.zip 310 kB
Mar 13, 2019

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