A simple and easy-to-use rres resource packer.

Process and package your resources files into a portable, optimized, compressed and encrypted rres file.

rrespacker can be used for free as a WebAssembly online tool.

rrespacker Features

  • Save and Load rres project files as .rrp
  • Auto-detection of input file types: RAW, TEXT, IMAGE, WAVE, FONT
  • Multi-resource files supported, auto-generated on file processing
  • Auto-generated resource identifiers per input file or user provided
  • File packaging as raw resource data supported
  • Per-file configurable compression: DEFLATE, LZ4, QOI
  • Per-file configurable encryption: AES-256, XChaCha20
  • Externally linked files, to be loaded from disk
  • Central Directory resource chunk with file information
  • Custom file name mapping supported on package generation
  • Multiple UI styles supported, select your best style
  • Export packaged resources as .rres file

WARNING: rrespacker is only intended for resources packaging. It does not include .rres files listing or viewing; To read and list .rres file contents it's recommended to use the open-source rres.h library.

rrespacker Standalone Additional Features

  • Support up to 4096 files per .rres package
  • Support recursive directory files processing
  • Support directory name mapping on CLI processing
  • Command-line support for batch resource processing
  • Completely portable (single-file, no-dependencies)

rrespacker Usage

  1. Load files by drag&drop or the Open File / Open Folder buttons on top toolbar
  2. Select file configuration options for data processing and embedding
  3. If desired, save the resource packaging project as .rrp, to load it later
  4. Build the .rres package. All files are processed as configured

For fast usage, just drag and drop the .rrp project over the executable, it will be automatically processed and packed into a .rres file. By default a central directory is generated with required details for data loading (generated file IDs).

For a more fine-grained usage, rrespacker allows configuring every resource embedding parameters individually from its powerful command line interface. For details, just type on command line:

rrespacker.exe --help

rrespacker Custom

Do you like this tool? Do you need any specific feature to be added? Maybe a custom compression/encryption algorithm? Maybe a custom gui theme? Or maybe a custom version for Linux, macOS, Android, Raspberry Pi or HTML5? 

Just get in touch: ray[at]raylibtech.com

rrespacker Issues & Feedback

You can report tool issues and feedback here: https://github.com/raylibtech/rtools

rrespacker License

Copyright (c) 2022-2024 raylib technologies (@raylibtech) | Ramon Santamaria (@raysan5)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorraylib technologies
Made withraylib
Tagscompression, datapackaging, datascience, encryption, packer, raygui, raylib, security, tool
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Steam, LinkedIn


Buy Now$19.95 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

rrespacker v1.5 Windows (x64) 570 kB
rrespacker v1.5 Linux (x64) 708 kB
rrespacker v1.5 macOS (x64 + arm64) 1.4 MB

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I tried to use the online tool, but I noticed that no matter what I do I always get at least 4x larger overall file size. Could this be a bug? For example, I have 3 files all of them is about 3mb, the resulted rres however is 20mb.

I depends on the type of files and the compression selected but it could happen. rrespacker processes the input files to extract only required data, i.e that implied decompressing images to extract pixel data. If you choose the embedding as RAW option, size should be approximately the same as input files.

Is a Mac build an option by any chance for the standalone download?

I’m afraid it’s not possible because I don’t have a mac to build and test the program properly. Unfortunately my resources are very limited… :(


I'm sorry to hear that! I'll join your patreon and hope can contribute to a potential Mac purchase someday :) Thank you for all your work on Raylib. It's a real joy to use.

Thank you very much! Actually I’m already open-sourcing some of my tools to allow other users to review/test/compile them for other platforms. Technically they should compile for Windows, Linux, macOS, RPI, FreeBSD and other OSs with no problem but it requires some testing. Maybe in the future I will also open source this one. Glad you like raylib! Hope you enjoy it! :)


Hi! An experimental macOS version has been added! It could require some additional work, please, let me know if it works for you.