rTexPacker v2.0 published!

Official release for rTexPacker v2.0. Some features on this release:

  • Linux version included!
  • ADDED: EDIT: Sprites origin edition and visualization
  • ADDED: EDIT: Support sprites spacing in atlas, very useful for fonts
  • ADDED: FONT: Support custom charset text file loading with automatic duplicates removal
  • ADDED: FONT: Support multiple text file formats for charset loading (UTF-8)
  • ADDED: FONT: Support default charset option on font loading
  • ADDED: IMPORT: Support .qoi image sprites loading
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas descriptor as binary file (.rtpb)
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas descriptor as code file (.h)
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas image as .qoi file format
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas PNG image with rTPb chunk embedded
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Additional image atlas visuals: background fill, rectangles, origins
  • ADDED: VISUAL: Toggle sprite origin edition (on selected sprite) - KEY_P
  • ADDED: VISUAL: Background color and background filling options
  • ADDED: VISUAL: Multiple new styles and style selector on main toolbar
  • REVIEWED: Command-line interface to include latest features
  • REDESIGNED: Main toolbar with new background fill and visual options
  • REDESIGNED: Atlas settings panel, added font options
  • REDESIGNED: Atlas export window, added new options
  • Multiple performance improvements and bug-fixes
  • Removed platform versions ZERO vs ONE
  • Command-line available by default (run --help for info)
  • Updated to latest raylib 4.1-dev and latest raygui 3.2-dev

Enjoy rTexPacker!


rTexPacker v2.0 Windows (x64) 2 MB
Jan 31, 2022
rTexPacker v2.0 Linux (x64) 2 MB
Jan 31, 2022
rTexPacker v2.0 Usage Code Samples 2 MB
Jan 31, 2022

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