rTexPacker v2.0 published!

Official release for rTexPacker v2.0. Some features on this release:

  • Linux version included!
  • ADDED: EDIT: Sprites origin edition and visualization
  • ADDED: EDIT: Support sprites spacing in atlas, very useful for fonts
  • ADDED: FONT: Support custom charset text file loading with automatic duplicates removal
  • ADDED: FONT: Support multiple text file formats for charset loading (UTF-8)
  • ADDED: FONT: Support default charset option on font loading
  • ADDED: IMPORT: Support .qoi image sprites loading
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas descriptor as binary file (.rtpb)
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas descriptor as code file (.h)
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas image as .qoi file format
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Support atlas PNG image with rTPb chunk embedded
  • ADDED: EXPORT: Additional image atlas visuals: background fill, rectangles, origins
  • ADDED: VISUAL: Toggle sprite origin edition (on selected sprite) - KEY_P
  • ADDED: VISUAL: Background color and background filling options
  • ADDED: VISUAL: Multiple new styles and style selector on main toolbar
  • REVIEWED: Command-line interface to include latest features
  • REDESIGNED: Main toolbar with new background fill and visual options
  • REDESIGNED: Atlas settings panel, added font options
  • REDESIGNED: Atlas export window, added new options
  • Multiple performance improvements and bug-fixes
  • Removed platform versions ZERO vs ONE
  • Command-line available by default (run --help for info)
  • Updated to latest raylib 4.1-dev and latest raygui 3.2-dev

Enjoy rTexPacker!


rTexPacker v2.0 Windows (x64) 2.8 MB
Jan 31, 2022
rTexPacker v2.0 Linux (x64) 2.7 MB
Jan 31, 2022
rTexPacker v2.0 Usage Code Samples 2.3 MB
Jan 31, 2022

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